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18 February 2012 @ 08:27 am

If you can't see this post here, then you have been cut. Please cut me off from your list as well.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything by doing a secret cut but if we've never talked since we added each other, or we have nothing in common, or we didn't hit it off well, or your journal is pretty much dead, then I didn't keep you. No hard feelings, yeah? I don't want to be hated or anything. I know it's partly my fault that I haven't caught up with half of you after being absent for so long but I can't do all the chasing ._.

So, I'm sorry ♥ If you have been cut, but still want to be friends, just comment. If not, then I hope we can be friends again later~

Sigh. Now I feel like a bitch and extremely guilty ;u;
Current Mood: guiltyguilty